Teacher training to inspire tomorrow’s engineers

Our Mission:

Engineering possibilities
for K-12

We work with K-12 educators to make engineering possible for them to teach and possible for their students to learn. The Engineers On Deck teacher training program is accessible and affordable for elementary, middle, and high school teachers alike. We customize our services for the needs, schedule, and capacities of schools exploring the possibilities of engineering and applied sciences for their teaching and learning activities.

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Our Vision

Be a provider of effective, affordable educator training and outreach to make the engineering and applied science fields accessible and possible for all members of the K-12 community.

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What we do

Engineers On Deck exists to help schools meet the teacher training challenges that keep them from making engineering part of their teaching and learning activities. We work as an agile, responsive partner for organizations with an interest in building the capacity of K-12 educators to prepare students for continuing STEM studies and eventual careers in the STEM workforce. The Engineers On Deck approach teaches engineering design as a way to integrate and leverage math and science learning to show teachers and students what engineering is really about and to make the field a viable, imaginable field of study and possible work.

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What they're saying

"I will definitely use this method in my classroom."

"Students will be encouraged to go beyond what was taught."

"It allows children to use their imagination."


Get involved

We work with teachers and their schools to develop and plan training workshops that help educators make engineering and related STEM fields lively and engaging elements of their classroom activities. And we partner with funding organizations to make these activities as accessible as possible to teachers, offering them at little or no cost to participants.


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Find out where Engineers On Deck workshops are taking place and sign up for one near you. We work to keep registration costs as low as possible or even free.

become a partner

We rely on partner organizations to help us reach teachers and provide the training they need to make engineering part of their classroom activities.


Who we are

All of us at Engineers On Deck took very different paths into K-12 engineering education. But we are all equally committed and excited about making engineering accessible and engaging for all sectors of the K-12 community. Our backgrounds in engineering, education, journalism, art and design, policy, publishing, and non-profits mean that Engineers On Deck can contribute in unique ways to making engineering a substantive part of K-12 teaching and learning.